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Fluoride Treatment for Children is a Simple and Easy Preventative Measure

Fluoride is a naturally occurring element that reduces tooth decay. Treatments are safe and effective at reducing cavities in children.  When it is ingested through drinking water it can be incorporated into teeth when they develop, and when in contact with teeth it provides a protective effect through topical applications such as a fluoridated toothpaste.  Both are be beneficial, but it is widely accepted that topical application provides the most benefit.

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Bi-annual professional fluoride applications, along with dietary recommendations and oral hygiene instruction, can reduce tooth decay in childrenby one third.  Professional fluoride applications are quick, easy, and generally accepted by most children.

Let’s face it, while filling a cavity can be simple for some children, it can be stressful for other children.  Along with routine cleanings and examinations fluoride treatments are an easy and cost effective measure to help prevent tooth decay.  Our office is happy to discuss the benefits of fluoride applications with your family.

Why Does my Insurance Only Cover One Fluoride Treatment Per Year?

Dental insurance is often tricky and can be confusing.  A majority of dental insurance plans will cover in office fluoride treatments for children twice per year; however, there are some plans that cover it less frequently.  This may be okay if your child is not at risk for developing cavities, but if your child gets cavities easily fluoride treatments more often can provide a benefit.  Our office is here to help; if you have questions about what your insurance plan covers, or want to maximize the preventative benefits of fluoride treatment for children please contact our staff.

Fluoride Treatment for Children in Muscatine

We have many options for professional fluoride applications at our office.  Fluoride can be easily applied with a varnish, foam, or a gel.  Most commonly it is applied as a varnish.  Children with braces may find it easier to have foam treatment such that their braces don’t become sticky.  We offer a wide variety of flavors of fluoride treatments to make the experience fun; ask us what flavors we have available for your child!

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At Arctic Dental, our goal is to focus on prevention and oral health education to minimize the treatment needs for your children.

Our owner, Dr. Jarod Johnson, earned a Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine. He also graduated from the University of Iowa with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery. He is a resident in Muscatine where he participates in community events, and is a board member at the Musser Public Library.

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