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Cavities are One of the Most Common and Invasive Dental Problems Facing Children Today

Since your child will eventually lose their baby teeth, what’s the harm in delaying treatment if they develop a cavity? Children typically lose their last baby tooth around age twelve, and untreated cavities can be painful. Cavities are typically treated, even in baby teeth, to avoid other problems—such as infection and developmental issues in adult teeth—and improve overall oral health.

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If your child has cavities, or if you suspect your child may have cavities and want a dental exam, contact Arctic Dental today to schedule an exam to see if dental fillings are right for them. The longer you wait to treat a cavity, the more serious it can become. Filling a cavity is a quick, simple, inexpensive treatment that can save your child from years of trouble later in life.

Pediatric Cavity Dental Fillings

Founded by Dr. Jarod Johnson, Arctic Dental offers dental care to families throughout the Muscatine area with a special focus on children’s oral health. Dr. Jarod has advanced knowledge and training in a number of treatments and procedures, including sedation, behavior management, special health care needs, hospital dentistry and more.

At Arctic Dental, we focus on improving the well-being of everyone who comes through our doors.

Going to the dentist can be scary for the little ones, but Dr. Jarod’s caring, energetic personality can put your child at ease. After a cavity has been treated, we place a strong emphasis on educating families about preventative care and proper oral hygiene.

Fixing Decay With Composite Tooth Fillings


Composite tooth fillings have emerged in recent years as a safe, non-toxic alternative to mercury amalgam fillings (the silver ones). Even better, composite fillings are more aesthetically pleasing as they’re closer in color to your child’s natural teeth. This means even extensive dental work could appear indistinguishable from your child’s natural smile.

The process of filling a cavity is much simpler and faster than you might expect. Thanks to advances in anaesthetics, the process today is also largely pain-free.

The cavity itself will be drilled out and the hole filled. Your child will remain awake for the process, which can take as little a few minutes. We suggest that parents do not talk to children about treatment and allow our providers to provide a positive treatment experience.

What to Expect After Your Child’s Dental Filling Procedure

After your child receives a filling, it’s important to properly care for it to avoid damage or injury. Your child should first:

  • Be careful eating or chewing for a few hours after the procedure so the anesthetic has time to wear off.
  • Hard, sticky or chewy foods should be avoided for the first few days since they may dislodge certain types of fillings.
  • Your child should also chew on the opposite side of their mouth from the cavity.
  • To prevent further decay, make sure your child brushes and flosses after every meal.

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