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Sedation for Your Child’s Dental Care

If your child needs dental treatment because he or she has a cavity, or broke a tooth due to an accident we understand they may be anxious.  Our office understands that each child has a different feeling when visiting the dentist, and some children may be anxious.    For this reason our office offers a wide variety of sedation services including laughing gas (nitrous oxide/oxygen therapy), oral conscious sedation (moderate sedation), and sleep dentistry (general anesthesia).

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Sedation Dentistry for Children

At Arctic Dental, we know dental treatment can make children anxious. Whether your child is a current patient or if this will be the first time your child needs dental treatment, we will evaluate your child, and discuss the risks and benefits to sedation dentistry for your child. We happily offer a wide variety of sedation services.

Our office offers sedation dentistry for children: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.*

Most Common Children’s Sedation Needs

  • Fearful or anxious child who prior treatment techniques have not been successful
  • A child unable to cooperate due to age or disability
  • To prevent a child from having negative dental experiences
  • To reduce medical risk associated with anesthesia for a child

What to Do If My Child Needs Sedation for Dentistry

If your child requires sedation for dental care:

  • Notify our office of any change in health including fever, ear infection, airway congestion, or trauma.  These conditions may increase the risk for adverse outcomes related to sedation
  • Disclose all medications, including over the counter medications, and herbal supplements.  If your child takes medications discuss with our office when medications should be taken.
  • Restrict the intake of food and liquids eight hours prior to sedation, doing so will reduce the risk of aspiration, which could cause a life threatening emergency
  • Dress your child comfortably in loose fitting clothing, we will need to monitor your child for safety
  • Try not to bring other kids to the sedation appointment so we can focus on the child undergoing sedation
  • Bring an additional adult to the appointment to help with care after the sedation appointment

Sedation Dentist for Children in Muscatine, IA

Dental care for children can be difficult, especially for young kids who may not be able to sit for a filling or extraction.

At Arctic Dental, our goal is to provide quality dental care in the most comfortable setting. 

While sedation dentistry has risks, it can be done safely.  Dr. Jarod evaluates each child, and bases the mode of treatment based on their individual circumstances.  Our office takes sedation and anesthesia services for children very seriously, and our goal is to optimize patient comfort while minimizing risk to patients.  Sedation services are not available for emergency care, and are offered to patients who meet strict health criteria for patient safety.

*Advanced sedation techniques such as moderate sedation, and general anesthesia may have limited availability.

^Accepting new patients from Muscatine and areas near West Liberty, Columbus Junction, Wapello, Tipton, Wilton, Durant, Stockton, Walcott, Blue Grass.