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children's dental x-rays

Dental X-rays Are Essential to Maintaining Your Child’s Dental Health.

Early preventative care is important to ensuring a lifetime of good oral health. If you want to make sure that your child has a great dental start, getting regular dental X-Rays can help. They assist dentists in spotting issues early on so that children can get the treatments they need sooner rather than later.  

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Children’s Dental X-Ray

Dental X-Rays are a valuable diagnostic tool that can show problems a dentist would be unable to see during a simple examination such as those that might be under the gums or inside the teeth. Your child’s dentist can use X-rays to detect:

  • Cavities on and between teeth
  • Bone loss or periodontal disease
  • Impacted or malposed teeth
  • Issues with the alveolar bone
  • Injuries to the teeth
  • Causes of oral swelling
  • Progress of previous dental treatments
  • Missing teeth that should have erupted
  • Exact number of teeth in the mouth

With comprehensive X-Rays, your dentist can help your child prevent cavities and also identify and treat a wide range of dental issues before they become bigger problems that would require more extensive dental procedures later on.

How Often to Get Dental X-Rays for My Children?

Ultimately, this depends on the advice of a dentist. If your child is at a low risk for tooth decay, he or she won’t need them as often as someone with a poor dental history. The American Dental Association (ADA) gives dentists guidelines that they use in combination with their professional judgement to determine when a child might need X-Rays. The dentist might also recommend pediatric X-Rays after performing a clinical examination if they spot small cavities or other dental issues.

While X-Rays do give off radiation, parents should be assured that the amount is very small, and patients are given protective equipment to keep them safe.

Early Prevention of Tooth Decay and Cavities

Getting dental X-Rays is a simple, painless procedure that takes just a couple of minutes. It can usually be done right at your regular dentist’s office. Your child will be covered with a heavy lead apron for radiation protection and be asked to bite down on a small plastic device. The dental assistant will then proceed to take X-Ray images of targeted areas of the mouth.

Good oral hygiene can help reduce your child’s need for X-Rays, so it’s essential to teach them how to care for their teeth and gums at home. Make sure they brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Arctic Dental is here to help your child with any of their dental needs. We focus on creating a fun and relaxing environment that will make going to the dentist an enjoyable experience for your child.