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A baby tooth root canal may sound invasive, but it can save a tooth and prevent future problems.

If a pediatric dentist has recommended a baby tooth root canal it may sound extensive.  One may ask, “Why does my child need a root canal?”  A root canal can help eliminate pain and infection, and could save a child from future problems. Early loss of a baby tooth can lead to developmental issues in adult teeth—and even braces or costly orthodontics.

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If your child has a toothache, or you suspect your child needs a root canal contact Arctic Dental today to schedule an exam. The longer you wait to have a root canal or nerve treatment the more extensive problems become.

Baby Tooth Root Canal

There are two types of nerve treatments for baby teeth that are often confused.  A baby tooth root canal is sometimes used by dentists to describe both types of treatment; a pulpotomy (partial removal of the nerve), and a pulpectomy (complete removal of the nerve).

Dr. Jarod will discuss the risks and benefits to saving baby teeth prior to a root canal procedure.

A baby tooth root canal can be an intimidating thought for parents.   Rest assured that we will do our best to make sure your child is comfortable for the procedure.  Dr. Jarod has advanced training in working with children, and is happy to offer sedation services.

What is a pulpotomy?

As a cavity grows it can reach the nerve of a tooth an cause pain and infection.  A pulpotomy is a procedure that can be done when a tooth has a large cavity, but the infection has not caused the tooth to die.  The procedure only takes a few minutes, after the dentist removes the cavity the inflamed and infected portion of the nerve is removed, and a medicine is placed over the roots to allow the tooth to heal.   Depending if the tooth is an adult tooth or a baby tooth the dentist may place a filling or a crown.


What is a pulpectomy?

When a baby tooth dies it can cause a parent a lot of concern.  Two treatment options exist for dead baby teeth; a baby tooth root canal, or extraction.  When a tooth dies it can cause swelling, pain, infection, and lead to the development of an abscess.  A pulpectomy is often a treatment of choice when a baby tooth plays an important role in a child’s development.  Saving a baby tooth can prevent future problems with the eruption of adult teeth.

A pulpectomy (a baby tooth root canal) is the complete removal of the dead or infected nerve tissue, disinfection, and filling of the roots with a medicament.  In most cases a pediatric dentist will recommend a crown for the tooth after the procedure.

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