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Dental Sealants are Effective Prevention Measures for Kids

The majority of cavities in permanent back teeth occur in the grooves of teeth.  Deep pits and fissures on adult teeth are an area that is not easily cleaned by a toothbrush.  Dental sealants are simple to place, and effective at reducing the risk of cavities on teeth.

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If your child has had cavities in their baby teeth they may benefit from sealants.  Children who have had cavities on their baby teeth may experience more cavities in their adult teeth.  Sealants are a protective coating that cover the chewing surfaces of teeth; where the majority of cavities occur in adult teeth.  If you are unsure if your child can benefit from dental sealants contact Arctic Dental to schedule a consultation and evaluation to see if your child can benefit from sealants.

Pediatric Dental Sealants

Sealants are a protective coating applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth.  The tops of teeth have deep grooves which food and debris can become easily stuck and difficult to remove even with a toothbrush.  When sugars and starches remain in the grooves of teeth cavities can easily form.

At Arctic Dental, we focus on preventative measures to avoid costly dental treatment.

Most children have dental sealants placed when their six year molars have erupted. Depending upon your child’s development this can occur from age five to seven.  Our office will evaluate the eruption and timing of your child’s adult teeth to maximize the effectiveness of our prevention measures.

Can Baby Teeth Get Sealants?

Baby teeth can have sealants placed.  The majority of cavities in baby teeth occur between teeth, rather than in the grooves of teeth.  This is opposite of adult teeth.  Some children who have deeper grooves, or the start of cavities in baby teeth, will benefit from sealants on their baby teeth. Our pediatric dentist Dr. Jarod Johnson will evaluate your child’s teeth and provide a recommendation based on your child’s individual needs.

What to Expect for Your Child’s Sealant Procedure

Sealants are a non-invasive dental procedure, they do not require “shots” or numbing of the teeth. Most children will tolerate sealants well.  It is important that teeth stay dry during the sealant process.  Your child may have cotton or gauze placed in the mouth to assist in keeping teeth dry. A rubber dam or isolation device (a dental vacuum) may also be used to keep teeth dry during the sealant process.  Your child will remain comfortable throughout the process, and can resume eating and normal activity afterwards.

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